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Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Aurora, Colorado

Alcohol is a huge problem in this country. More than 95,000 Americans die from the effects of alcohol each year.[1] When a person cannot function without alcohol, it can spell significant trouble for families. We offer Medicaid-covered alcohol addiction treatment in Aurora, Colorado, at Colorado Addiction Recovery Services. Our staff is dedicated to helping patients regain sobriety. We provide several addiction treatment therapies to assist in the process of long-term recovery.

Throughout the treatment process, patients must uncover the underlying reasons for the problem. Thanks to individual therapy, group sessions, family programs, and aftercare planning, it is possible to develop a successful course of action that leads to sobriety in the long term.

Signs and Symptoms of an Alcohol Misuse Disorder

The first step toward recovery is recognizing a problem. Thankfully, a person can seek professional guidance and turn things around. Loved ones may be able to identify signs and symptoms of a person suffering from an addiction issue. In the beginning, symptoms may be minor. However, as things progress, a person may become destructive or withdrawn.

Physical Symptoms of an Alcohol Misuse Disorder

  • Problems with balance
  • Decreased libido
  • Digestive problems
  • Weight loss
  • Memory loss/Blackouts
  • Puffy face
  • Skin infections or sores
  • Edginess when not drinking

Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of an Alcohol Misuse Disorder

  • Drinking early in the day
  • Hallucinations
  • Insomnia or loss of sleep
  • Feelings of shame when drinking
  • Cravings for alcohol
  • Secretly drinking or hiding alcohol around the home
  • Unable to stop drinking or regularly drinking more than intended

Treating a Misuse Disorder at our Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

A person must have a desire to get help for treatment to be successful. After an individual recognizes a problem and wants assistance, recovery is still challenging and a lifelong process. The trained and compassionate staff at Colorado Addiction Recovery Services is ready to help. There is no magic pill that leads a person back to sobriety. It takes hard work.

If a person is determined to get well, top treatment is available for alcohol misuse disorders at Colorado Addiction Recovery Services in Colorado. Our licensed staff works with each patient to develop a specialized plan to increase the likelihood of successful, lasting recovery. There are numerous treatment options:

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Aurora Colorado at Colorado Addiction Recovery Services

Many people assume that since alcohol is legal, there is no risk for alcohol addiction. This is, unfortunately, not the case. Alcohol addiction treatment is available for those who have tried to reduce or stop drinking entirely without success. Our alcohol rehab programs are designed for lasting sobriety.

Starting the Journey at Colorado Addiction Recovery Services

If you or a loved one recognizes a problem with alcohol, help is available. It is much better to seek treatment from a facility that understands the challenging journey ahead. At Colorado Addiction Recovery Services, our comfortable and safe environment is the ideal setting for treatment. Our kind and experienced staff will be there and champion you to successful sobriety throughout the process. We accept most major insurances, including Medicaid and Colorado Health First. To get started, contact us today.


[1] https://drugabusestatistics.org/alcohol-abuse-statistics/

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