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Family Program for Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease for the person suffering from it. However, addiction affects many other people beyond the individual with this disease. For family or friends, it is extremely difficult to watch a loved one lost in a substance use disorder. Colorado Addiction Recovery Services offers a Medicaid-covered family program for addiction during rehab to support those impacted by someone’s substance use disorder.

Addiction is a Family Disease and Needs a Family Program in Addiction Treatment

The person’s behavior may be erratic, as they may lash out and begin fights for no reason. Or the individual may withdraw from the world. Either way, close friends and family are left shaken by the ripple effects of addiction. For example, addiction is often a cause of divorce and relationship problems.

When successful, family therapy provides a family with the opportunity to support their loved one battling addiction. Additionally, the likelihood of a successful outcome grows when family and close friends actively participate in a person’s recovery.

What to Expect in Family Program During Addiction Treatment

Usually, a family program starts after a patient finishes 60 days of individual addiction treatment. At this point, our experienced therapists will gauge when it is appropriate to invite the immediate family into sessions. First and foremost, the patient needs to be ready for the family program.

In the beginning, sessions can be challenging. It is difficult for individuals to confront the harm their behavior has caused their loved ones. However, over time family therapy can be quite beneficial and lead to genuine healing for everyone. This process can truly unite the family and demonstrate to the patient how strong their support system is moving forward.

Types of Therapy in the Family Program for Addiction

Our therapists will determine which kind of therapy is most suitable for a particular family and patient. Here are the different family therapy options and what they involve:

Family Process Group

  • Group only consists of a patient’s family members.
  • Group sessions facilitated by a licensed therapist.
  • Provides a unique opportunity for families to process a loved one’s behavior.
  • Uncovers the reasons behind the addiction and how it affects the individual.
  • Every family member has time to talk and get feedback during a session.
  • All questions about the recovery process are addressed.

Family Education Group

  • Families learn about possible mental disorders associated with substance misuse disorders, including anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.
  • Educational videos provide a better perspective of addiction to the patient’s family.
  • Teaches family members how to help prevent relapse.
  • Explains the 12-Step program.
  • Discuss family dynamics and the roles of individual members.
  • Develops an aftercare plan.
  • Helps to set healthy boundaries.
  • Helps the family learn the dangers of enabling behavior.

Individual Family Therapy

  • Attended by the patient and their family members.
  • Treatment sessions are done together.
  • Master Therapist runs each session.
  • Discussion includes past events and how they affect the family.
  • Establishes safe boundaries for the future.
  • Families receive updates regarding treatment progress.
  • All parties are taught tools for overcoming obstacles during recovery.
  • Aftercare planning occurs for the entire group.

Family Group Therapy

  • Aims to create a safe place for families to share stories, struggles, and successes throughout the recovery process.
  • A licensed therapist facilitates sessions.
  • All family members and patients attend sessions together.
  • Patients and families can unite and create a solid support system throughout recovery.
  • All members are welcome to share experiences without judgment.

Get Help with Colorado Addiction Recovery Services’s Addiction Treatment in Aurora, Colorado

At Colorado Addiction Recovery Services, we offer various treatment options, including family therapy. With a support system in place, an individual can enjoy sobriety for the long term. To get started, please get in touch with our experienced and compassionate team today.

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