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Inpatient Residential Treatment for Addiction in Aurora, Colorado

Addiction treatment programs help people struggling with substance use disorders. In the addiction treatment process, patients get clean while gaining the support, skills, and resources to stay sober after rehab. Treatment can include individual therapy, group support sessions, aftercare planning, and more. Throughout it all, patients receive assistance and guidance from the rehab center’s caring, experienced professional team. At Colorado Addiction Recovery Services in Aurora, Colorado, our Medicaid-covered rehab program offers inpatient residential treatment for addiction.

What to Expect at Inpatient Residential Treatment in Colorado

An inpatient treatment program occurs at a facility, where the patient is under medical supervision and receives treatment, as necessary, 24/7. Patients will usually stay for a month or longer, depending on how deep their addiction problems go.

Our professional healthcare staff will formulate a specialized treatment plan for each patient to support their recovery safely and effectively. We strive to create a secure, peaceful, and comfortable environment for our patients – overseen by medical professionals.

Medical Supervision During Inpatient Treatment for Addiction

Medical supervision during inpatient residential treatment is crucial since cravings are most intense. Addiction affects the brain and causes strong urges for a substance. Because of the unpleasant symptoms, people who try to recover from addiction on their own often wind up relapsing. With medications, exceptional care, and professional support, people can overcome those strong urges.

By the end of the inpatient treatment program, we’re confident that each patient will be in a good place to recover from addiction and reduce their risk of relapsing.

Benefits of Inpatient Residential Treatment for Addiction in Colorado

Substance abuse treatment programs are very beneficial for those who stick with them and follow the program. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to change their life.

Colorado Addiction Recovery Services employs full-time professionals to offer the full suite of physical and mental health support our patients require. Some of the benefits and features of our inpatient residential addiction treatment program include:

  • Our environment is nurturing, private and safe.
  • We accept Medicaid and work with Colorado’s Health First program.
  • Trained staff is on duty 24/7.
  • We help patients set their goals for recovery.
  • Our programs address both physical and psychological needs.
  • Case management and ongoing support after rehab.

Why Choose Colorado Addiction Recovery Services for Inpatient Residential Treatment in Aurora, CO?

At Colorado Addiction Recovery Services, our staff knows how important it is to maintain a safe, supportive environment. They are committed to helping you or your loved one start addiction recovery on the right foot. In addition to being one of the few Medicaid-accepted addiction treatment facilities, here are a few more reasons to choose us:

  • Hygiene, sanitation, and infection control are top priorities for us.
  • All participants stay in rooms with state-of-the-art technology features.
  • We provide clean and comfortable beds with fresh linens.
  • Patient lounges with flat-screen televisions and other amenities.
  • Our facility has modern, clean, and sanitary showers and restrooms.
  • Nurses are on staff 24/7 at the nurse’s station.
  • A designated outdoor smoking area.

Learn More About Rehab for Addiction in Aurora CO

Reaching out for help for a loved one or yourself can be difficult. Rest assured that we are here to help. We go above and beyond to ensure rehab is safe and our patients develop the tools to stay sober after treatment. In addition to our inpatient residential treatment for addiction, we offer family support services and case management. Colorado Addiction Recovery Services welcomes you to reach out and contact us to learn more.

Our staff can answer questions about using Medicaid insurance for addiction treatment in Colorado and any other questions.

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