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Addiction Aftercare Planning

Once a person completes treatment in an addiction rehab facility, it’s tempting to believe the most challenging part of recovery is over. However, returning to the world outside the rehab center can be scary and difficult. Relapse is possible, especially if the individual returns to the places and people with associations to their substance use disorder. For these reasons, Colorado Addiction Recovery Services offers addiction aftercare planning to support their sobriety following treatment. Addiction aftercare planning is a vital component of our comprehensive Medicaid-covered addiction treatment program.

Why Addiction Aftercare is Crucial

Making a solid plan ahead of time provides a person with the confidence and tools to live a sober life, even with everyday stresses and anxieties. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, aftercare planning may include:

  • Setting up a stay in a sober living house
  • Arranging continuing therapy sessions
  • Connecting them with a local sober support group

Following addiction rehab, a person must avoid any triggers and temptations that may cause them to relapse. For example, a person’s home may have associations with their previous substance use. Aftercare planning can set up a stay in a sober living house immediately following treatment by anticipating this problem beforehand.

Thus, creating a plan will help to:

  • Reduce the risk of relapse
  • Establish support systems
  • Provide guidance to cope with triggers
  • Reinforce progress made in treatment

What to Expect During and After Addiction Rehab

At Colorado Addiction Recovery Services in Aurora, Colorado, we offer a safe, calm, and supportive space for addiction treatment for you or a loved one. Our treatment center in Aurora, Colorado, offers addiction treatment services covered by Medicaid.

We know the road to recovery isn’t easy, but it is possible and well worth the effort. Thoughtful planning ahead of time can make all the difference between long-term sobriety and relapsing soon after treatment. Our experienced and compassionate staff is here to help, so please contact us today.

Or, find more information about services and programs below:

Inpatient Residential Treatment and Dual Diagnosis Rehab Services

Inpatient services provide intensive care for individuals with severe drug misuse issues. For such patients, our facility is a safe haven. We have a team of medical professionals providing care and 24/7 monitoring to ensure any emergencies receive a rapid response.

Addiction recovery can be exceptionally challenging and may uncover underlying mental health issues. Choosing a dual diagnosis rehab is crucial to knowing that both the addiction and the other mental health concerns are dealt with while in rehab.

Individual Therapy

One of the best tools to support recovery is one-on-one therapy, which is why each of our patients works with a trained therapist. Therapy helps people better understand their needs and process unresolved mental or emotional issues. Our trained therapists help patients identify triggers and learn coping mechanisms for complicated feelings or situations to help prevent relapse.

12-Step Meetings

At Colorado Addiction Recovery Services, we encourage patients to participate in our 12-Step meetings onsite. 12-Step groups offer support and guidance through recovery and provide a sense of belonging. It is a space for people to be honest about their successes and failures, among others dealing with similar circumstances. Each person has a sponsor who provides extra support through challenging times. After recovery, attending 12-Step meetings can help a person stay sober.

Sober Living

After finishing an inpatient rehab program, most individuals have no safe place to call home. It’s not easy to go back to a house with people, triggers, and associations with substance use. Following inpatient treatment, entering a sober living community is vital to relapse prevention. Sober living provides a bridge between rehab and the outside world. A person can live everyday life without the challenging environment of their previous residence. This living arrangement is ideal for individuals struggling with anxiety or fear of isolation after treatment.

Medical Services During Rehab

Since many patients suffer from medical conditions beyond addiction, our team includes trained medical professionals to perform a medical evaluation of each patient. Our staff will create a custom care plan for each patient based on their findings.

Following this phase, the patient transitions into aftercare planning and treatment. This will serve as the foundation for their long-term recovery.

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